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  • Mercury Based Chemical Manufacturer

    Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mercury Based Chemical Manufacturer

    Gurjar Chemicals Pvt Ltd

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About Us - Gurjar Chemicals The Leading Manufacturer of Mercury Products in LR / AR / ACS Grade in quality.

Gurjar Groups was established in 1996 in the field of Mercury Salt Manufacturing. Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is the branch of Gurjar Group which is engaged to Manufacture Mercury Metal Salts in LR/AR/ACS/IP/BP grade. Our motto is to produce purest material at minimum cost and satisfy our customers. We are having our Own quality control department and managed by qualified members. Our Production capacity in particular product is 3-4 tones/month. We are aware from…

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We are one of the reknown manufacturer of mercury based chemicals in Central India, Here is our Product Range available below.
  • Mercuric Chloride
  • Ammoniated Mercury Chloride
  • Phenyl Mercuric Acetate
  • Red Mercuric Oxide
  • Mercuric Sulfate
  • Phenyl Mercuric Nitrate
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The Chemical we are getting for Gurjar Chemicals are best in quality. We are getting supply always on time and that too with the best rate available in the Industry. This is the reason why we are dealing with this company.
VT Chemicals
Consistency in the quality with top most verity of chemical we are getting for Gurjar since last 16 years. Their prompt services excellent consultation and cooperative nature didn't allow us to switch our supplier in last 16 years. Best rates are added advantage for us.
RS Labs

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UN Updates on Mercury Projects in Cement Industry, Gold Mining, Cosmetics

The cement industry is responsible for around 11% of global anthropogenic mercury emissions, estimated to be approximately 2,220 tons per year.

Many products still contain mercury. These alternatives could replace them

Mercury—a toxic heavy metal that can cause serious and lasting health problems—turns up in many places that you wouldn’t expect. It has now been more than two years.

Mercury Factsheet by National Biomonitoring Program

Mercury is an element and a metal that is found in air, water, and soil. It exists in three forms that have different properties, usage, and toxicity.

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